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US Tapioca's Healthy Foods

Eat healthy live better!

Mr. Tapioca Flour (Hydrated)

The best way to make "Brazilian Tapioca"

• Fit food

• Soy free

• Nuts free

• Gluten free

• Wheat free

• Lactose free

• No Added Salt

• Natural flavor


How to prepare:

1. Heat the pan (preferably an 8 inch non-stick omelet style pan) on high for one minute

2. Reduce the temperature to medium and spread about 1/2 cup of MR. TAPIOCA on the

bottom of the pan until it covers it entirely

3. Then let it sit for 1 minute

4. Flip the tapioca over

5. Let that side heat for 15 seconds and your tapioca is ready

6. Add your preferred

filling and enjoy “The best Brazilian Tapioca”.